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Before and After House Washing Princeton, WV

Whether you are a property manager with hundreds of properties in Princeton, WV or in the New River Valley area or a family owned and operated commercial building, Aaron's Hydro Grime Cleaning Service can help you maintain a clean and professional exterior image for your clients and customers. We can power wash the following parts of your commercial property. Concrete cleaning, dumpster pad cleaning, building washing, restaurants and shopping centers. We can give you a free site analysis and let you know exactly what you need.

Aaron's Hydro Grime Cleaning Service has been offering residential power washing and deck cleaning services in the Mercer County and New River Valley area since 2016. Residential home owners rave about our pressure washing and deck cleaning services. We can also clean your sidewalks, brick pavers and patio areas.

Before Concrete Cleaning Wytheville, VA
After Concrete Cleaning Wytheville, VA
Foundation Cleaning Before Photo Cleaning Mercer County, West Virginia
Foundation Cleaning After Photo Cleaning Mercer County, West Virginia
Pressure Washing Princeton, WV
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House Washing

We clean all types of siding materials.

Starting to get green or black growth on the side of your house or under windows and behind bushes? Soffits seen better days? No matter if its Vinyl siding, stucco, cedar and aluminum – Aaron's Hydro Grime Cleaning Service, LLC can softwash all of these surfaces and make your house shine and greatly increase the curb appeal of your home. Our Pressure washing service is highly recommended by lots of our customers.

So many homeowners are surprised just how dirty their homes were once we’ve completed a House Wash and most wish they would have done this years ago! The average home should be cleaned every 1-2 years depending on tree coverage around the home.

Before we arrive to the location. Please ensure all windows and doors are shut tight and locked. All vehicles, plants in pots, rugs, bird feeders, etc set away from the structure to be cleaned. This will insure everything goes smoothly when the technician is on site.

Please note we do not offer any repairs. These  areas should be repaired before we arrive.

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House Washing starts at $299 and up. That price is only for the siding and does not include additional surfaces such as decks, patios, walkways, stairs, fences, etc.

If you have vinyl on 3 sides and brick in the front we can offer the same price but the brick will only be lightly rinsed surfaces such as brick, stucco and rock require more solutions and less pressure to be cleaned. Slight price adjustment in this situation.

Chemicals used are sodium hypochlorite (10 x stronger than bleach) and Fresh Wash (detergent). The tech begins by wetting the surface with water as well as surrounding plants to help prevent the chemicals from seeping into the roots.

You don’t need to be home for the service but if you are, we ask that you and your pets please stay inside during for your safety, make sure all windows/doors are shut and locked tight; Vehicles moved away from the house, decorations removed,furniture moved, and the outside water source is turned on. We do not need your hose as we bring our own.

Rust, oxidation, shotgun fungus (caused by mulch) & dried on egg are a few examples of what will not come off during power washing. These require another type of solution and must be ordered before we clean.

Gutter Whitening is not included in the house washing prices but be can be done for $2 a foot. Gutter whitening is done by hand scrubbing with Gutter Zap. If they have painted gutters we can’t do gutter whitening. Usually the house wash will get the gutters looking pretty good and may not be nessessary. The tech can measure on site if you have never done it before, and if we still need to complete at least $299 worth of work to meet our service minimum.