Residential Window Cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning

Best in home window cleaning Princeton, West Virginia
We know how hard it is to get windows cleaned. We are Glad you have came to the right spot. That is why we created this part of the cleaning service business we are in. With over 20 years of experience we can get them really cleaned. We also know how to respect someones home we wear booties on our shoes before we enter to ensure we do not track in mud. With our clean uniformwed trained staff we hope that you will find that we are respectful of your property.
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Home Window Cleaning Princeton, West Virginia
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    True Divide Windows
    Pricing Window by Cleaning Counting Windows. Regular Windows 1 True Divide 78 True Divide Doors 9
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    Transom Regular Windows Removable Grills
    Pricing Window Cleaning by Counting Windows. 25 Regular windows
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    Removable Grills
    Pricing Window by Cleaning Counting Windows. 20 Regular Windows
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    Palladiums Removable Grills Skylights
    Pricing Window Cleaning by Counting Windows. Regular Windows 13 Palladium Windows 3 1/2 Skylights 1

Window Cleaning Count Price Sheet

Many Types Of Windows

This is going to give you an idea price range per window count/pane. We would love to get your windows cleaned this year.

We also wanted to let you know about our customer care program. The more times a year you use us the cheaper it is for you.2x a year 5% discount   3x a year 10% discount   4x a year 15% discount.

We also have a monthly program where we clean up to 11 windows for $65 a month.

Window Cleaning Price Sheet

Four Things to Know About Window Washing

Getting spotless windows isn’t always as simple as spritz and wipe. Read on to learn what the pros do to get that clean shine.


1. Some DIY window-cleaning techniques can actually make your windows dirtier. When you rub at a window with paper towels, you’re not just pushing around grime—you’re creating a static charge on the glass, which can pull in dust particles whenever they float within range. Professionals use a squeegee in part because its rubber blade is such a poor conductor.


2. Don’t judge window washers by the amount of suds—or even elbow grease—they use. The more suds in the bucket, the likelier it is that residue will stay behind. And, with a good soap there’s no need to scrub hard. In fact, using too much pressure or the wrong tools could scratch the glass by rubbing in dirt particles. A light touch with a soft cloth applicator works best.

Sunlight Affects

3. Don’t worry if the sun’s not out when the cleaners show up. It might seem counterintuitive, but cloudy days can be best for getting your windows completely transparent. The heat of straight-on sunlight can cause cleaning solution to dry too quickly, leaving spots and streaks that can make the job take longer. Plus, glare from glass can impair vision, making it harder to spot stains or the reflection of a child about to launch a balloon filled with paint.

Solutions May Very

4. The stuff in the bucket may vary. It’s common for even professional window washers to use dishwashing liquid; after all, if it can get drinking glasses flawlessly clean, it can do the same for window glass. But, different companies prefer different products. Some add in ammonia, which cuts through the kind of grease-based stains left by human hands, and others use a commercial foaming solvent, which stays in place rather than dripping.